BFA Membership Guide  
The Merseyside Open is a BFA Registered Competition with event licence number 10852. In order to take part in the tournament, fencers must be current members of the BFA in the Compete category unless they qualify as 'Overseas Fencers' as defined in the BFA Senior Ranking Scheme (see note 2 below).

Please note the following:
  1. Fencers should provide their BFA membership numbers with their entries and the organisers will attempt to validate the membership in advance of the tournament in order to streamline the registration process. Fencers should still bring their membership cards or email confirmations to registration in case this has not been possible. If BFA membership cannot be confirmed, either in advance or on the day, it must be taken out on the day otherwise the fencer will not be allowed to compete.

  2. Fencers who do not attend a UK club may be considered as Overseas Fencers and are not required to take out BFA membership. They should, however, be members of a national association that provides similar insurance cover to that given to BFA members. Fencers who are affiliated to a UK club cannot be considered as Overseas Fencers. Any fencer who is a full-time resident in the UK must join the BFA.

  3. FIE licence cards cannot be accepted on their own - they are only proof of membership of a national association at the time that the licence was taken out and not as at the date of MOFT.

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